What’s the point? That is the point. For me, hunting chukars is mostly about when my dog goes on point. I’m not sure why, but that moment in time  where the nexus exists between yourself, dog, and chukar is like drinking from the nectar of nirvana. It is that ultimate place where the true flavor of the nectar is tasted at its fullness.

    chukar hunt jan13, 2015 sugar 027

The exciting thing about the point, aside from the sheer beauty of it all, is that you never know where it will occur or what will happen next when it does. Anticipation of the flush, which is up to the hunter, once the dog goes on point, is still one step shy of igniting dynamite with wings.  Not knowing which step will be the fuse to light the charge, is like working through a mine field with potential triggers everywhere.

ice - chukar sugar dec 16, 2013 009

Did I mention terrain so steep even a dog must rope up?

Often the terrain is so challenging, that even when the fuse ignites that cloud of feathers, footing is so bad, that poof of a shotgun blast isn’t even possible. Ever been hanging on to a tuft of cheat grass pitched to a 45 degree slope, in the snow, hoping not to turn into a human toboggan as chukars launch right in front of your face? Or how about the birds you just somehow walked through the middle of, only to hear them beating air behind you gleefully getting away before you can turn and take aim?


Of course, the real beauty of it all is often the background behind your dog that is the contrast that makes you appreciate the true depth of the entire experience. Rugged landscapes, sometimes as rough as the one you are standing in while taking the picture, gives mute testimony  to what crazed hunters will do to follow their dog.  The nectar is addicting, and the more you get, the more you want, and the higher you will go. Or, at least that it is how it all works inside my head.  It might not be the same for the dog, as they have the ability to be much more focused than us human types. And when they come to full point, that is the true beauty of it all. It brings precise vision to what chukar hunting is all about.

chukar hunt jan13, 2015 sugar 037

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