:Note:  this post was first published on my River’s Apprentice blog: http://wapitisriversedge.wordpress.com/2011/10/  on Oct 28, 2011

After one of my most arduous of chukar hunts of a very long time, just yesterday, I have come to the conclusion that chukars read my blog about Chukar Refuge.  Sure, I didn’t post it until after that hunt, but I think some mysterious force transformed my unpublished draft, via cyber waves to  chukar syntax and brain function. That tongue-in-cheek chukars guide turned into more of a tongue lashing. Like in hard panting for me and my dogs.

I was exploring a new area, one I had by-passed for eons (for good reason) due to the precipitous and verticalness of it all.  Hoping to find another secret hot spot, by virtue of extreme difficulty in accessing such, was the little voice inside my head urging me to continue.  Every time I stopped to rest, thinking about turning around, that little voice kept repeating something to the effect, just one more bench will reveal chukar Nirvana.

Well, while Nirvana transformed more into a nirvana with a small “n,” and less discovered  huntable chukar habitat than expected, the views were spectacular.  Me and the girls (Ember and Sugar – mother daughter team of Weims) did find some birds, but apparently they had read the chukar guide-book.  At least, except for one bird. It ended up in Embers mouth and soon, my bag. But that was an awefully ugly workout for just one mis-fortunate (for the chukar) chukar.

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